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"(Unique's) an icon in that town. I'm honored to be the first guest."

-Former IUBB Head Coach Tom Crean

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Beyond Btown S1:10 - Mark and Sherry Dunbar-Kruzan

03.01.23 | 84:26

One hails from The Region and unexpectedly pursued politics while on campus; the other is a Monroe County Kid who went on to serve as Indiana's 5th Volleyball Coach. A fascinating conversation on a multitude of topics...

Beyond Btown S1:E9 - Clayton Anderson

02.22.23 | 63:01

Rather than hoops, he chased his dreams in the bright lights of Nashville, Tennessee. A chance competition would launch him into opening for Country Music Superstar Kenny Chesney. It's safe to say the best is yet to come. 

Beyond Btown S1:E8 - Ashley Benson

02.15.23 | 87:34

When dad smiled down at Ashley and said, 'well let's get to it then', she departed on a journey earning a spot in IU Athletics Hall of Fame alongside her father.   Welcoming this 2022 Hall of Famer, BHSN Cougar and brand new mom to the show!

Beyond Btown S1:E7 - Mr. and Mrs. Tyra Buss-Davison

02.08.23 | 76:57

After scoring an Illinois record 4,897 points (go ahead and read that again), she would arrive on campus and join the foundation that is the national powerhouse - Indiana Women's Basketball. Her husband is here, too.

Beyond Btown S1:E6 - Tricia Whitaker - Tampa Bay Rays

02.01.23 | 48:06

An email from an academic advisor about open auditions for IUSTV would lead her on a path with the NFL, NBA and The Indianapolis 500 ... Now, she is a studio host and sideline reporter for The Tampa Bay Rays.

Beyond Btown S1:E5 - Brothers Vrabel

01.18.23 | 74:21

IDS kids - this week's guests are for you!! One guest has freelanced stories and interviews with A-list celebrities for decades. The other created a Twitter handle that the Motorsports world didn't know it needed. Each relied on their IU roots.

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