Kevin Stockbridge : Program Director, Bloomington's B97

"To put it simply, DJ Unique just 'gets it'. I've never met someone as dedicated, knowledgeable and as professional as Unique has been over the last several years.

Unique is solely responsible for the programming, production, mixing, editing and hosting of our weekly mixshow here at B97, called 'Wired 97'. His mixes have sparked never before seen interest in the show, pretty much from the time he took over in Dec. of 2012 .


Additionally, he provides added exposure for the show and the station through his connection with IU Athletics. It's an invaluable part of what makes the show work so well.


He reaches and programs for a key demographic in our college town (16-34 Male and Female) and the numbers and growth we've seen truly back it up.


In fact, his mixes have helped increase out late night listenership by over 40% since he took over. The amount of positive feedback we routinely get from 'Wired 97'  fans is pretty astounding, staggering really when you consider the show airs from 10pm-2am ever Friday and Saturday night.

When you pair all of that with his attention to detail and timliness turnaround with production of the show - he's become a valued, true asset to all of us here at B97 .

Kevin Stockbridge

Program Director

Bloomington's B97