Jordan & Aubrey Hulls

"Matt/DJ Unique is the real deal. We had seen him work before and had heard about his other events so we knew that we wanted to have him for our wedding... We honestly couldn't have asked for anything better! The initial meetings were great and incredibly informative on our end, because we had no idea all the little details needed for a wedding reception. Matt was able to explain everything and make it easy for us to figure things out; he had our trust right from there. From start to finish, he was professional, courteous, really easy to work with, and of course great at his job.


We had our wedding in Bloomington, IN and the reception at the beautiful Henke Hall of Champions. It was an awesome venue and Matt made sure every part of that night was perfect for us; from the "starting lineups" (former Indiana University players were in our wedding party with candy stripes on!) to the last song of the night, he did such an outstanding job at keeping the people interested and the night fun. 


After Matt did such a great job at our wedding last summer, we decided to have him come out to our  JH1 Skills Academy at Bloomington South. JH1 is a basketball camp  we set up to help local kids develop their basketball skills and fundementals. Having him come DJ for us was something that we had discussed and really wanted to try and as expected, he absolutely killed it. All the parents enjoyed the new addition, so it was safe to say our experiment worked out and we can't wait until next year!


He honestly can do it all - weddings and a kids camp for us, doesn't get much different or diverse than that. Most importantly, he's a great guy and truly cares about his work. It's really nice knowing that, esepecially when hiring someone to do such an important job for you. We absolutely loved working with Matt and highly recommend him for any event, trust us, he's well worth it!"


Jordan & Aubrey Hulls


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