J.Thomas Forbes, Chief Executive Officer: IU Alumni Association

"We have utilized Matt(DJ Unique) often in recent years, at events ranging from Senior Salute, which celebrates our graduating students, to Alumni Leadership meetings for our core alumni volunteers, to Football pre-game programs and IU Homecoming that draw large audiences looking for a great time. 

He never disappoints, showing up early and staying until the last person departs. He continually picks the right music that gets people moving and mixing with one another. He often works for us after having worked long hours and late nights serving other clients. 

Most importantly, Matt is one of the most attentive, kind, and thoughtful people we have encountered. He doesn't show up just to blast a few tunes; he pays attention to the crowd and works to foster a sense of community and memory. He learns the names of his clients and is genuinely interested in their welfare. 

This is why we think this DJ is unique." 

J.T. Forbes, CEO, IU Alumni Association