DE'onte' & Jessica Tolliver

"There was no way we were going to have our day without making certain that Matt(DJ Unique) was a part of it all ...

He and I have been my good friend for almost 15-years now. So when it came time to pick a DJ and  Master of Ceremony for my wedding, Matt was the ideal choice.


Working with Matt was fun and easy. He was the consummate professional; he was insightful, and readily available at a moments notice.


Not only did Matt serve as the DJ for our reception, but he also coordinated the music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner. He accommodated our musical tastes and blended in a variety songs that complimented the mood of the occasion.


Throughout the entire evening, everyone had an extraordinairy time dancing and celebrating; thanks in large part to the attention shown by Matt to us and our guests.


Subsequently, several of our friends that were there that day in D.C. have requested Matt’s playlist that he used to be played at their own weddings.


We cannot thank Matt enough for making that entire weekend so much fun. If you're thinking of hiring a DJ for your special day, we would highly recommend Matt(DJ Unique).


DE'onte' & Jessica Tolliver