Dave Kubiak - Owner, The Bluebird

"DJ Unique has been fantastic to work with and a great DJ for us over the years at the Bluebird.


Any time we've needed him, he's been there for us, even in a pinch, which speaks to his reliability and professionalism. 


We started bringing him in at the 'Bird' back in the Fall of 2000 and over the course of that time he's played countless Little 500 weekends and Homecoming events for us.


Through the years, he's done such a great job opening for and playing alongside our most popular bands that we've had him play frequently with groups like Hairbangers Ball, Rod Tuffcurls and Clayton Anderson. It honestly doesn't matter the genre - he can play for any group of fans.

He's also helped us out with National Shows that have come to The Bird as well...


The crowd always responses well to Matt and we look forward to working with him again this year and into the future." 


Dave Kubiak, Owner 

The Bluebird