Nashville Recording Artist Clayton Anderson

"Unique and I go way back - to the Fall of '06 I think it was - when he was opening up for us when we were 'The Clayton Anderson Band' at the old Jake's Nightclub.  


Even then, we knew, if we were gonna work with a DJ in Bloomington it had to be Unique; now fast forward 10 years, and it's been really neat to be able to reconnect with him and collaborate on projects (he remixed a few of our songs) and then whenever our schedules allow us to play together.  


Honestly, whenever we're back home for IU Events or at 'The Bird' or heck, if we're anywhere close in the Midwest, we'll try to hit him up and see if he's available to play. I mean he's played with us at 'The Vogue' in Indy and he's come up to Chicago and opened for us a bunch of times including the Smokeout in 2014. 


I wouldn't trust anyone else with setting the stage and getting our crowds ready to party like he does.  The way he mixes music genres and blends all different types of songs... it's really something else; at this point he's almost like family with me and the guys...and I'll tell ya what, he's one of the best at what he does"

Clayton Anderson