Bryce Fox

"I’ve been working with Matt “DJ Unique” Englert, on several occasions, since we met during my time as a student at Indiana University.


In that time I learned a few things from and about Matt; perhaps one of my favorite things is how down to earth, passionate, and reliable he can be. He's a guy who truly loves his community, his family and his friends.


I've personally never heard of anyone who's worked with him being dissatisfied with his effort or the drive that he brings to each new project with which he works; nor have I ever had any poor working or professional experiences with Matt myself, and we've collaborated several times.


 Though DJ’ing is just one of his many talents - it should serve as no surprise that one of the most important aspects of the job, having a great ear and reading a crowd, is one of his strongest attributes. 


He is a professional socialite, playing often in the bars and clubs around Bloomington, that cares about everyone having a great time no matter the venue or event. I value his friendship and support him as often as possible and would recommend Matt for any function or activity"


Bryce Fox.